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Welcome to bomboniere.com.au

Known outside cyberspace as "Steve’s Gifts & Bomboniere".

We provide a large range of bomboniere components that can be sent anywhere around the world (postage & handling costs apply).

Traditional bomboniere

Our products include tulle, acetate display boxes, sugar coated almonds, love heart chocolates, ribbons, small flowers, cards/tags, bridal charms/garters, cardboard boxes, cushions, bubbles, confetti, bridal rice and stefana.

Traditional bomboniere DYI kit

Bomboniere is a Greek/Italian expression and the closest translation in standard English would be “sweet favours”.

Normally a bomboniere would consist of five sugared almonds encased in tulle (fabric) or in a box. Often a small item such as a vase, champagne flute or candle holder is attached though this usually is done on a per family or per lady basis.

Various sugar coated almonds

The five sugared almonds symbolise

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • Fertility & Good Luck

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